The GCCI is here to make doing business easier (or make it easier to do business). This means that as the voice of commerce in the community, we will lobby and also (or partner with) government to act on issues of concern to our members.

Our Vision

To be the Voice of the Business community and respond effectively to their changing needs.

Our mission

To foster a more proactive, service & policy oriented interactive collaboration between the Chamber, its members, Government, Development & Strategic partners, with the objective of creating and supporting private enterprise as well as improving the business environment in The Gambia.




  • Trade Facilitation

    GCCI works steadfastly with the National Trade Facilitation committee to simplify trade procedures, harmonize and streamline cargo clearance procedures, formulate efficient solutions to trade bottlenecks, advocate for removal trade barriers and

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    Gambia Ports Authority
  • Business Development Services

    To ensure retention of members and satisfactory value for money, services geared toward promotion of growth and developments are regularly provided by the GCCI. These services include business health checks on small businesses with regular monitoring, sector consultative sessions to keep informed on business challenges

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  • Business Advocacy

    Principally to increase the brand value of the Chamber as the leading and authoritative voice of Gambian Businesses GCCI provides informational and advocacy services to its members. As the largest independent private sector organization in the Gambia,

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  • Entrepreneurship and Management Training

    The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry works tirelessly to support our local entrepreneurs and start-ups to make their entrepreneurial journey an interesting challenge. Basic entrepreneurship training is provided to small businesses

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  • In 2012 GCCI set up an Employers Committee comprising of employers with large payrolls including the banks, insurance companies, hotels, etc., in order to address employers’ matters and labour relations. An Employer’s
    Committee was set up to serve as a ‘thinking organ’ for employment matters and our collaboration with the Gambia Labour Department to document the Labour and Women Act. GCCI is continually striving to provide its
    members with full range of services pertaining to industrial and labour matters, among which is the documentation of the Employers Guide. Also, GCCI is in the process of setting up a private sector ADRS (Alternative Dispute Resolution Secretariat).

  • Agriculture constitutes a large percentage of GDP (more than 20%) and employing 75% of the population in The Gambia. GCCI serves as a Chamber of Agriculture which is otherwise a hub for all agricultural activities in The
    Gambia. Its mandate is to promote Commercial Agriculture and compliment Government’s efforts in visions 2016, 2020 and beyond. GCCI believes that the value chain approach is one way to harness and realise the vast potentials of the Agricultural sector.


The Gambia Chamber of Commerce and Industry (GCCI) has continued to play a pivotal role and enhanced relations between the public and the private sector in The Gambia. To see more of our activities, subscribe on our YouTube channel by  clicking the button below.

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E-mail us at info@gcci.gm or Call us at +220 446 3452


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