Trade Facilitation

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GCCI works steadfastly with the National Trade Facilitation Committee to simplify trade procedures, harmonize and streamline cargo clearance procedures, formulate efficient solutions to trade bottlenecks, advocate for removal trade barriers and to conduct nationwide monitoring of movement of goods and persons into and out of The Gambia. The Inter-State Road Transit Scheme (ISRT) formally designated to GCCI as the National Guarantor since 2013 safeguard goods from point of loading to their destination, free from harassment, delay and deviation into another territory. GCCI also serves as a secretariat to the market access committee under the Trade Facilitation Committee. The Market Access Committee serves as advisory body to the National Trade Policy Decision-making Committee (NTPDMC) on matters relating to market access for domestic enterprises; serve as principal organ that would facilitate interactions and consultations on domestic and regional market access matters; Conduct national consultative forums with a view to provide relevant market access information; make recommendations on matters relating to specific support measures (brands, labelling, packaging, etc.) for some identified products (goods and services) etc. GCCI is a recognized Authority that issues Certificates of Origin for all Gambia’s exports.